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Dear Visitors,


Dear Visitors,

In July 2013, after four years, Poland finished its work as the FAO/WHO Coordinator for Europe and the Netherlands were appointed for this function.

Codex Contact Point for Poland would like to thank all Members of the European Region for excellent cooperation, support and many kind words of appreciation
for the work done by Poland.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Krzysztof Kwiatek for fulfilling duties of the Chairperson of the CCEURO.

We do not plan closing this webpage in the near future.

All materials and documents will be still available,

so we kindly encourage you to visit all bookmarks.

A new website run by the Netherlands is available

at the following address: www.codexalimentarius.nl/cceuro


Sincerely yours,

Codex Contact Point for Poland


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